Not a tubing manufacturer, but had his own variations produced on licence by Columbus and Reynolds


Greg Lemond Fans decal

Digitally re-produced for all Lemond fans. Measures 40 x 37 mm

Lemond Titanium 3/2.5

Lemond 6061 Aluminium

Lemond Reynolds Titanium

Lemond OX true temper

Lemond Excell Acier Special

Lemond Handmade in USA

Lemond Handmade in USA V2

Lemond USA TDF Champion

Lemond World Champion

Individually numbered frames. I produced this for a customer with frame number 40 of 300. If you are lucky enough to have one of these frames with a different number and wish to replace the decal, I can change the number for you. info@wanit.co.uk

Lemond Worlds (years)

Lemond Worlds (years V2)