Mavic Cosmic Carbone (circa 2004-8)

One of the finest wheel sets ever produced, super strong, aero dynamic, maybe not that light, but excellent none the less. This set I have created from my own wheels which date back to 2005 (which are still in use!). In this set I have included 4 decals, enough for 1 wheel (actually there are 8 decals as on the originals, Mavic chose to split the decal between the 's' and the 'm'). The listing is for the decals only and does not include a wheel!!!!

This listing shows the original yellow lettering, but I beleive there was a white version which is now an option.

Mavic Comete

Possibly not Mavic's finest achievement, but still a classic and fore runner to many carbon discs seen today. Set includes 2 x picture (decals not wheel!). Colour is yellow as shown, other colours may be available info@wanit.co.uk

MAVIC 3G tri spoke

I'm not sure what year this is from, this is the only version I have. Sized at 95 x 165 mm, please ensure you have the correct wheels for this version. Each set will comprise of 3 decals in the first orientation and 3 in the second orientation, for each side of the wheel.

Mavic decals from this era where screen printed onto a clear film then applied to the carbon, which discoloured the carbon badly. Mine are digitally printed and computer cut, which gives a completely clear background. Prices start at 6 decals for one wheel.